Is This 1,000 HP Honda Odyssey Minivan THE ULTIMATE SLEEPER? YOU BETCHA DUDE!!! Poor 1000HP Porsche 911 Learned That The Hard Way!!!

Tuning and customizing involves lots of work and lots of knowledge, the things that these guys have and they are ready to customize at any given time.

As the owner of the company says, his name is Bisi by the way, an immigrant from Nigeria, he wants to put out to the world the potential that the forgotten engines have. And we won’t see any conventional cars in his workshop, because there are none.

He likes to work and to customize forgotten vehicles and engines, and prove to the public that these engines also have some power left in them, which can be used for greater causes. It is a total waste to a leave a working engine to rot in some junk yard, better take it, customize it, and then sell it for the value and make some profit out of it.

He customized the Honda Odyssey, which now is giving total output of 1000 real horsepower on the tires. This is stunning, considering that this Honda has been put out of use several years ago, and nobody thought that it could be so amazing to see a customized one on the streets.


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