If you are an active road participant then for sure you have experienced a situation of this. But we think when there is no damage and nobody is hurt there is no need to argue, because no one wants accidents!

Believe us, but the road rage is ruled by the adrenaline which occurs after the unpleasant situation and it is really hard to be calmed which you will see how it looks like on the video. In our opinion the guy with the motorbike who was recording the whole event went too far and he even followed the guy with the convertible car and was yelling to him in front of his children.

Yeah, not that he was right for Christ sake, he was driving his children, but he had that naïve look that he was sorry, but as we said the rage is difficult to be controlled.

Watch the video bellow and tell us what you think. The motorbike rider is right or wrong, there were actually two cuts but as we noticed the guy with the convertible car was in allowed distance to do that!


4 thoughts on “MUST WATCH BATTLE… Bike Rider VS. Car Driver In A BLOODTHIRSTY ROAD RAGE!!!

  1. Buck

    That’s close, the wide angle lense made it look like there’s lots of room.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      It was a bit intense. Fortunately the whole thing didn’t end up with a fight.

  2. Dez Nutz

    All dumbass bike riders need to stay out of the way.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well in this case the bike rider was right Dez Nutz. No one should be cut off in traffic without signaling.

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