JK Jeep Wrangler With Built PORTABLE HOSE SYSTEM – SIMPLY A GENIUS!!! Great For Washing Down After Offroading And Mudding!!!

We always admire those creative minds who build inspiring gadgets or equipment for their vehicles. This time we have one guy who owns a JK Jeep and improved it with DIY portable hose system! Can you believe it?

When you are dedicated to build something on your own, you use your imagination then you can do it, it’s just a matter of time when and how. This guy noticed holes on the rear bumper on his JK Jeep and did a little research how much pressure his bumper can hold from inside.

He made few holes on the bumper, installed a water pump and on the rear right end he installed the air and water outputs on his Jeep. In the video he demonstrates where he fit the pump and the hoses from bellow and how much this bumper can accumulate. Believe it or not, it carries 7 gallons of water.

Maybe for some of you this is not the greatest idea because it will cost you a decreased gas autonomy and that will reflect on your pocket, but it will be very handy for long distance travels.

If you are mudding enthusiast or off-road adventurer then the portable hose system on your Jeep Wrangler will be your second best friend either you want to take a shower in the middle of nowhere, or clean your hands and even clean your vehicle from the dust and mud. Or you can also play it with your kids in the yard, spraying them with the hose, they will love it for sure.

We don’t know about you but we consider this DIY gadget as a must have if you are adventurer. Tell us what do you think about it and don’t forget to watch the video below.


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