Juiced Up Toyota 86 With 2JZ And “EVIL 86” Nickname Shows Just WHAT 1210HP CAN REALLY DO For You!

The amazing crew at the car enthusiastic YouTube channel That Racing Channel decided to do a review of one extraordinary car coming from the beautiful country of Japan. Trust me friends, you’re going to love this Japanese masterpiece. What even adds more sweet taste to this delicious dessert is the fact that this baby is tuned to perform as a real beast on the streets. I give you this phenomenal Toyota 86! Now this particular sample of the Toyota 86 with whooping output of 1210HP was given the nickname “Evil 86” for very obvious reasons!

Here we have the guys at That Racing Channel taking a ride in the Toyota 86 “Evil 86” along with the owner and maker of this car. They get to feel the power of 1210Hp coming from the stock FA20 H4 engine…LOL we’re just kidding of course. What lies under the hood of this car is the glorious Toyota 2jz block engine with a 1jz head and a v160 transmission. Also, the engine is supported by a Precision 7685 Gen 2 turbocharger which gives it enough juice to deliver that ferocious 1210Hp to the rear wheels. The car managed to pull out the highest output of 1210hp on the dyno track at the AG Autosports automotive service and performance center in Fort Lauderdale. Without doubt, the BRZ/FRS/GT86 is truly an excellent platform for delivering big amount of horsepower. The car is small light and with lots of space for almost any motor tuners could find on the market. We have seen tuned versions of this car powered by the 2jzs, LSXs, and even the Ferrari 458 engine. However this supercar killer rolling with 1210HP in his heart is something totally different! Having the RWD setup  of the GT86s, the possibilities for the tuning studios know no limits!

Check this baby out on the following video. You’ll enjoy it!


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