Key Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course

No matter how skilled you are behind the wheel, there are things around you that are beyond your control. Defensive driving classes will teach you how to assess hazards on the road. As you may already know, there are all sorts of dangers that can lead to an accident. These include mechanical failures, roadway obstacles, extreme weather, and aggressive drivers. Hartford insurance reviews will show you that some auto insurance carriers provide discounts for defensive drivers. Here are the reasons why you should consider taking a defensive driving course today.

  • It Helps You Become a Better Driver. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or already experienced, there’s always room to grow. Imagine how safe our roads would be if every driver completes a defensive driving course.Defensive driving classes generally cover different crucial topics. These include traffic crashes, psychological factors, safety equipment, and crash prevention techniques. Instructors help drivers develop an acute awareness of the road. This teaches them to anticipate situations and remain in control of the car. In turn, drivers will be able to respond effectively to potential hazards.


You can’t control what happens around you. But you can always prepare yourself and make informed decisions while on the road. Besides, the final part of most defensive driving courses is state-specific traffic laws. Unless you’re a new driver, you had likely reviewed these laws and regulations years ago. Taking a defensive driving course is an excellent opportunity to refresh your memory. By learning existing and new policies, you can restore your road safety confidence.


  • It Helps You Save Money. As previously mentioned, some insurers offer as much as a 10 percent discount on premium for policyholders who completed defensive driving classes. This can be a significant amountfor many families. This is especially true for those who have teen drivers included on their insurance policy. Just talk to your insurance agent about the requirements in your area. Some states allow one-hour courses to qualify for these discounts. But others may require you to attend longer classes. Regardless of the duration, taking a defensive driving course will be worth it. It gives you the chance to save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance.


Not only can defensive driving help you qualify for insurance discounts, but it’s also great for car maintenance. Aggressive drivers tend to spend more time slamming on their brakes. This will wear and tire the pads down more quickly. Such a way of driving can also impact gas mileage. With defensive driving, you will see how you’ll save time and resources from fewer car repairs. These classes can also help you save money by reducing your driving record points if you commit a traffic violation. Remember that too many tickets or points on your record may cost you money in fines. Worse, you may suffer from potentially lost wages once your license is suspended. If you can’t drive, you’ll have to allocate money for your transportation needs like taking the bus or a cab.


Taking defensive driving classes is an effective way to have better safety outcomes on the road. It also helps keep your driving record clean. You have to make crucial decisions in a split second based on human and environmental factors while driving. Completing this course will help you better understand the road conditions. Being able to practice best habits can protect you and your passengers from injury and even death. You can reduce risks by planning, being prepared at all times, and reacting safely both for the foreseen and unforeseen events.


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