Koenigsegg CCX Versus Nissan GTR R35 CAUGHT ROLLING On The Highway In Turkey!!! Which One Is YOUR TYPE OF A SUPERCAR?

One lucky driver got to see the run between the Koenigsegg CCX versus Nissan GTR R35 and it is the coolest one yet. Imagine that same as this driver, you are rolling down the highway anywhere in the world and then you spot the Koenigsegg on the lane in front of you, what would you do? Take out the phone from the pocket and make the greatest video ever. And if there is a Nissan GTR R35 next to the Koenigsegg then you got yourself a killer video. This is one lucky driver that got to see this thing happening in front of his eyes and the best thing is that he managed to take the video so effectively.

A phone with a great camera is a cool thing to have when you have the Koenigsegg CCX versus Nissan GTR R35 rolling on the lane and trying to smoke the opponent. Who will be the winner in the race will not be revealed to you as this video is one of the best that you can find where these two great cars are up against each other in a street race. We bet that the driver of the Nissan GTR has this car matched to the Koenigsegg for the first time in his life and he always wanted to see it.

How the Koenigsegg CCX is behaving on the road is just great, the handling the acceleration and the sound that is coming from this car is great too. The Nissan GTR lovers are gonna love this video as the power of this car is shown again at the fullest and this driver is not going to give it up to the Koenigsegg CCX.

The strangest run just happened in this video as the Koenigsegg CCX versus Nissan GTR R35 is fun as hell.


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