Christian Von Koenigsegg Showcases The One:1’s Patented Fully 3D Printed VARIABLE TURBO, Providing The PERFECT BOOST For Any RPM Level!!!

Once the plans of the Koenigsegg One:1 car are released in the public maybe we will be able to 3D print the variable turbo that has been used in the car. Or maybe we are going to print the whole damn car if we wanted to or if we had the means for the job. Until then we are only able to see the delights that this car is bringing to us and to wait and see what the owner of the company has to offer in the future.

As we know the owner of the Koenigsegg Company is Christian Von Koenigsegg and he might be already considered as a genius. He has 3D printed the turbo in his factory for the Koenigsegg car and now it is a 3D printed variable turbo charger that has the perfect boost when needed from the driver. There has been a test and it is already known that this turbocharger is eliminating the turbo lag that is created by all the other turbochargers out there. Once Volvo has started to produce the turbocharger with the pressured air chamber to eliminate the lag, the other companies started to think about improving the whole deal. And now Christian Von Koenigsegg maybe has the way with it.

Making the 3D printed turbocharger he is able to totally eliminate the turbocharger lag and the driver will be able to take the boost for the launch at any time and passing cars on the highway will no longer be a problem.

We expect more to come from Christian Von Koenigsegg and from his company too as he has promised to change the motor industry and he has begun to do that, with the One:1 car and with the other concepts that are coming in the future.


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