Black Lamborghini Aventador With BForged Rims At 2015 SEMA Motor Show. OH YEAH GIVE ME THAT BABY!!!

Besides witnessing bunch of incredible American muscle cars and enormous lifted trucks, we couldn’t help but noticing some specimens of elegant luxury made in the land of Italy. You might probably even guess of which brand we are talking about – of course, it’s the famous Lamborghini.

On the footage that we made is shown a black Lamborghini Aventador coming from Illinois, equipped with BForged wheels which look really good on the Lambo. The rooftop of the car as well as the rear upper pats of the body is covered with matte grey wrap. We think that the body looks beautiful with a combination like that.

Also, what’s quite unique and interesting about this Aventador is that on the right side of the car are installed neon green rims, while on the left side the rims are painted black. Maybe the owner wanted to display two color choices for the rims that BForged offers for this Italian beast. I don’t know about you, but I would go with the black ones, they really give intimidating looks to the car. Which one would you pick?

Check it out on the following video:


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