WOW! What a Monster (Lifted Ford Powerstroke)! Prepare Yourself for a Real Thunderstruck!

Now this is something truly impressive – highly modified Ford Super Duty pickup truck, a real self esteem booster that will sky rocket your adrenalin rush and power feeling, especially if you are into Monster Trucks and those mighty and powerful vehicles that appear like there is nothing out there that can stop it or get on its way. And, as it can be expected, it is coming straight outta Texas! Where else?

Even if you are not that much into monster trucks, this one, that you are about to see in the following video, is coming from that category that is actually impossible not to like it. Unfortunately the authors of the video did not give us any specs about the truck, but they are compensating with this high quality video, beautifully shot from the angles that are emphasizing its might and power. The final ingredient of this attractive video is the aggressive and powerful beat and rhythm of DubStep. Enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “WOW! What a Monster (Lifted Ford Powerstroke)! Prepare Yourself for a Real Thunderstruck!

  1. brandy good

    Love this truck!!! Sharp!!

    1. Mac

      Happy to hear that 🙂

  2. wowdude

    did your 12 yr old daughter provide the soundtrack

  3. Mike

    Nice truck, but quit hopping around to the dubstep! Slow down! I want to enjoy this truck. Just cause you have the music doesn’t mean you have to film like it!

    1. Mac

      Yeah I know what you mean Mike. I am not a big fan of the music also. But to each his own, I guess the owner likes it so he put it. Nevertheless, it’s a very cool truck.

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