Watch This Lifted Ford Truck Built By ECD Customs! Beautiful Classy Lift For Your Daily Driving Pleasure!

The Blue Oval produces one of the most powerful and beautiful trucks in the world. We have no doubts in their durability and endurance and we witness a lot of impressive moments where they are the main heroes.

Each vehicle has its hidden charm that needs to be accented, like the makeup on the face, it similar here, the body got lifted and repainted.

If the paint job is brought to perfection then the charm or the wild spirit are accented and the vehicle is shining in full light. On this Ford Truck here on the video we have the both accented. Let’s begin with the charming paintwork and seductive headlights, they just fit together. Yup, ECD Customs have done a great job with this one.

What about the wild spirit which maybe it’s too obvious in each untouched Ford’s truck craving for off-road, but when you accented we mean when you lift it up the spirit is shown and the truck is waiting for the wild terrains to run like a beast.

Also it can ride proudly across the city streets and amaze the street walkers and turn their heads around. Watch the video and tell us what you think about this beautiful lifting.


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