LOCK PICK SET Made Of Just A Nut Wrench! UNUSUAL IDEA To Force Open A Check-Lock If You Happened To Lose Your Key!

Searching for a lock pick set? Then you have come to the right place to see the best one ever. This might be concerning for the people who are still using the padlock to keep their properties safe but that’s why we are telling this. So that you can protect from the robbers too and be more careful while picking a padlock. There were many videos before that showed how to open a padlock with a lock pick set made at home or bought online.

But this is only a video made by YouTube user MrGear that will show you how to open a padlock using the nut wrench for the job.

The material that the padlock has been made out of is not very rigid and that’s why it is very easy to break. We are going to use that option as a main cracker of the case. Taking two nut wrenches with 20mm or 22mm openings will do the job. If you don’t have them at home buying them will set you back a few dollars only. There are many people that keep these commonly found tools in their garage which they use to change the oil sometimes.

Just take the two nut wrenches that will be playing the role of the lock pick set. Then place them into the padlock, into the turned around U that you have there while it is locked. And then apply pressure to the wrenches with only one hand. This force will be enough to break the side of the padlock that is supporting the upper U lock now you have successfully cracked open a padlock without too much money spent or too much force used too. It is quite a quiet process, so while doing the robbers are sure that you are not going to hear them.


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