MAD SUPRA 2JZ Drifting From Gatebil Våler 2015: Tons Of WICKED Toyota Supras With Close To 1000hp!!!

Back in time folks. Back in one amazing time, the beginning of the 90s where the factories were producing amazing cars like Supra, Nissan GT-R or Mazda RX-7. One nostalgic time where all gearheads were pumping their rides with huge muscles.

All of the stock models had middle sized engines, around 3.0-liter displacement but those beasts were yelling 300HP like a joke. But the story didn’t stop here because these engines were capable of reaching outlandish performances. You all know what we are talking about here and the ultimate proof which will support our statements is contained in the video.

That’s right, the video features the legendary and we would like to add the eternal Toyota Supra J2Z plus Nissan Skyline GT-R and much more. To be even more interesting they are all in action, an ultimate drifting performance like you’ve never witnessed before.

What you will see is tire’s smoke everywhere, amazing roars from those old-school engines, a foggy turn offs where only experienced drifters can enter… Summing all this up, ultimately what you will watch is an outstanding drift performance caused by lot of ponies riding on the track. Enjoy the video folks.


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