Matching Your Style of Clothing With Your Favorite Motorcycles

America has been going crazy over motorcycles for many generations with the main brand being Harley Davidson. This famous motorcycle company has come out with a variety of different motorcycle models that have millions of American’s going crazy including Fat Bobs, Road Glides, Sportser, Street Glides, CVO’s, and the infamous Road King. When it comes to driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle you are going to want to fully play the part when it comes to your attire. Certain clothing motorcyclists wear while out riding are leather (chaps, vests, jackets), blacked-out style, and orange and black clothes to match the main colors that promote Harley Davidson.

Below is a list of America’s favorite motorcycles created by Harley Davidson:

CVO: CVO’s (custom vehicle operations) are the most sought after Harley Davidson motorcycle. They are built with all the best accessories including comfy leather seats, GPS systems, radio systems, and a windshield. All the accessories included making for a comfy and fascinating ride.

Street Glide: A Street Glide is made with a batwing baring, hard bags, and one single headlight. The bike is very similar to a Road King; the only difference being the Street Glide comes with the batwing baring. This is an excellent bike for anyone searching for the perfect motorcycle for traveling.

Road King: The Road King seems to be the icon of motorcycles within the Harley Davidson Company. This particular bike has a Vtwin engine anywhere between 88 to 114 cubic inches. It has a classic HD style with fiberglass bags for you to store your leather and cold waters for the road.

What to Wear on Your Motorcycle to Define Your Style

Alongside motorcycle accessories, your clothing plays a big part in showing off your inner motorcycle side. Whether it be leather boots, jackets, and chaps, black and orange, or reflective colors, it is important to put your style out there for everyone on the road to see. This will help label yourself in a way you want people to see you ass whether it be a hardcore biker or a gypsy soul who loves to travel. To help you decide on what style would suit you best on your new motorcycle, read the list below:

Leather: Leather is the most common style among true motorcyclists. Whether it’s leather boots, chaps, vests, or jackets you can show your biker side while remaining safe in case of an accident. Leather not only looks good, but it will help you stay protected from road rash if a crash was to occur. The leather itself will allow your body to slide across the pavement without receiving any scratches or burns on your body.

Black and Orange: Black and orange are the infamous symbolic colors of the Harley Davidson name. If you happen to be a large fan of this company, there is no better way to show it then by wearing these two colors. To find the best clothing with black and orange, you can visit their online store or motorcycle shops in your area.

Bright Reflective Colors: If your main concern while riding your motorcycle is safety, your style should always include reflective colors. Some excellent additives to spice up this style are Ariat square toe cowboy boots for men and black bandanas. These will help give you the true biker look you desire while staying safe with reflective clothing.

All around the United States of America people are still going crazy with the Harley Davidson industry. The most sought after models of the company are CVO’s Street Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, and Sportsters. Each and every bike has unique traits and accessories that will keep you content and safe while riding along the highway. For those of you who like to add style to your ride, you can create your own unique style with leather jackets, boots, and vests, reflective gear, and orange and black clothing. By dressing the part, you will be able to show all passerby’s the style of riding with your favorite motorcycle model and the clothing to match.


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