How MB Owners are Retaining the Value of Their Usually Fast-Depreciating Cars

If you were to look at statistics of fastest depreciating cars in the market, you ought to find lots of German-made automobiles on the list. This, when buying a new Mercedes, for example, is a huge concern for many. Why? Well, firstly because you’ll only get your money back after the car’s depreciation period ends and the appreciation returns the losses. It takes 50-60 years for that to happen, which is more than most of us can afford. And that’s only if the car turns out to be a desirable classic. This is why some tricks and techniques, used by MB owners to retain the value for longer, are worth knowing!

Refurbishment of the interior

Particular details of the interior are very useful/important throughout the whole ownership period, but people fail to notice them. The scuffs, dents, scratches and all other nuisances are always there, but seems like they only emerge and alert the owners just before the car goes on sale. If a potential buyer sits in a car and sees a worn-out steering wheel, a scoffed dash and buttons that have rubbed off markings – the value of the car will drop in his/her eyes.

This comes as especially painful with a premium car brand, just like MB. So, MB owners are opting to get their wooden or leather steering wheels, as well as dashboards, restored. Chair upholstery restoration is much simpler but doesn’t have the same effect. Let’s say an owner wants to custom-redo his Mercedes Benz wood grain steering wheel. This job is complex yet doable at the right hands. Moreover, it can return the feeling of a mint interior and help against depreciation.

Keeping exterior customizations to a minimum

Exterior customizations are always a hit-or-miss. Nonetheless, it looks one way on a Honda, and very differently on a BMW or MB. Stock is the way to go, especially when you consider luxury brands, just like Mercedes is. Most owners appreciate the stock, factory-like feel, which is reminiscent of the way that the car rolled out from the conveyor line.

No chrome additions, vinyl decals or tinted windows work as well as keeping everything as is.. This is an excellent way of avoiding the dire consequences of depreciation because you’ll always have potential buyers looking for the classic.

Always getting newer tires before selling

For some reason, cheap, and worn-off tires especially, are a mood-killer when it comes to buyers. Close to 10% of them mention that poor tire quality forced them to stay away from purchasing the car altogether. When asked why, they told that poor tire quality indicates a lacklustre attitude towards the vehicle. It could also point to the fact that the owner took a cheap approach, meaning that there could be severe problems, not noticeable by the naked eye.

Make sure to always get new tires before selling your MB. It will aid in a haggle for a better price or is going to justify a request for a larger bid.

Proper storage

Not everyone lives in California, where the sun shines pretty much all year, rain is rare and almost a non-factor, and where it’s always warm. This is why long-term ownership requires proper storage solutions for most of Mercedes-Benz owners. A garage is an excellent option during the winter if you can clean off the dirt, snow, salts and chemicals which accumulate on the arches or side skirts.

The car should be kept away from excess moisture because of rust, mould, etc. If you cannot ensure proper storage and wish to sell at a later date, use paid storage services or rent a more massive garage to keep your Merc in the right environment.


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