McLaren 12C In A WILD CHASE After Koenigseggs Agera And CCX On The German Autobahn! MAJOR EXHAUST FLAMES ARE INCLUDED!!!

My friends and fellow lovers of extraordinary supercars with wild power! Here we are once again to deliver you your delicious meal for the day. Is there anything cooler than cruising on one of the German highways in a gorgeous blue McLaren 12C, hitting the open Autobahn with no speed limits at all. The idea may seem like a bit impossible to many of you. However, the famous car enthusiast Tim Burton, aka Schmee150 would disagree.

Imagine this: you have a McLaren 12C chase car, two lovely Koenigsegg beauties (a CCX Edition and an Agera), and the whole German Autobahn just for your satisfaction, what would you do in a situation like that?! Schmee doesn’t think very long: he just hits the road and enjoys every moment!

After spending a brilliant day at the Spring Event organized by Petolhead Events, Schmee heads away from the Weeze Airport towards the city of Dusseldorf. The Agera and the CCX Edition attended the event with PACE, who is the Koenigsegg representative in Germany and were driving back to the base. Schmee just couldn’t miss an opportunity like that so he joins them driving in his famous McLaren 12C nicknamed the Shmeemobile.

Besides reaching the speed of 300km/h, all of these cars blasted down the German Autobahn with tremendous amounts of flames coming out of the exhaust pipes of the Koenigsegg Agera. There was only one problem with that: the flames appeared during up-shifts which tend to be when the Agera was pulling much far away from the camera. But, what’s certain is that Schmee had the ride of his life. We sure hope you guys will also get the chance to experience the same.

A small tip coming from our host of the video Schmee: the best flames coming from the amazing exhaust system of the Koenigsegg Agera can be seen from 2:28 on! What a brilliant supercar drive! We sure hope to see more hot action like this in the near future.

Enjoy watching this amazing video guys!


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