McLaren 675LT VS. Nissan GTR NISMO In An IMPRESSIVE Drag Race!!! Unbelievable HOW QUICK McLaren Is On The Straight Line!!!

This is the best race to watch today, or this week, the McLaren 675LT versus Nissan GTR Nismo. These are the cars that are the perfect matchup on the race course because they both got components that have been bought aftermarket, they have some of them modified as well and the HP that is coming from under the hood is staggering number. That’s why the drivers are so thrilled to race the two beasts and they are going to give it all to win here. It would mean that the Nissan won over the McLaren for once and for all it will be the fastest car yet.

But if the McLaren 675LT versus Nissan GTR Nismo race doesn’t go as planned and the McLaren wins here all the GTR fans will have to think again before talking in the public that the GTR is faster. There are the clean paint jobs on the both of the cars. No race strips and no add-ons on the roof and on the hoods of the cars. This is what we like the most, clean body paint that is leading straight to the cool rims of both of the cars.

Before the McLaren 675LT versus Nissan GTR Nismo race starts we need to think about the prices of the cars as well. The McLaren is much more expensive than the Nissan Nismo and the engine that comes stock with this version of the car is much more powerful too. It would take impressive skills from the driver of the GTR to win this race against the McLaren and we will see that later in the race. If you are cheering for that awesome looking GTR cross your fingers and watch the race until the end, we know that we will do that for good luck.


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