It Is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE To Not Notice This Menacing Machine: Ford Falcon Mad Max Fury Road At SEMA 2015!!!

At this lovely event, for real car lovers you may find nothing ugly. Every car is special, and it has its own beauty. We gained a heavy filming footage just to present you the cars on our own way.

Here we have the beast- Ford Falcon Mad Max Fury Road. It’s a total recreation of the stock Ford Falcon. It’s looking so rough, so angry. But I bet it’s a very fast car. The standard Ford Falcon was built in 3 different countries. They are: North America, Argentina and Australia. The one from North American ones are coming with an 2.4L, 2.8 and 4.3L engine types of this model. But here we are talking about that comes from Argentina. These models have weird types of engines. They have: 2299cc; 2786 cc; 3081cc, 3620 cc and a 2393L engines.  It owns a four speed transmission. But I’m sure that this one has been upgraded on so many levels. It looks very amazing, it is a beast!

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