MIGHTY TWIN TURBO Dodge Viper MAKES THE HELLCAT SOUNDS LIKE A COROLLA! World’s First Twin Turbo TA Viper Built By RSI Racing Solutions!

This car is like something unreal, like it is coming from another planet with only one goal – to make the other cars look like turtles. Not only it is beautiful to look at it, but when you sit behind the wheel and see the dashboard and the interior surrounding you, you will say I don’t need another car to the rest of my life. And you will be right. With this Dodge Viper and the technical specifications it has, you will be the first to pass the finish line for many years to come because no other car comes close to this.

The Viper is rocking a massive 8.4-liter engine which is a V10. The creators at RSI Racing Solutions have lined up the 10 cylinders perfectly and the explosions inside are happening so smoothly that it is like music when the engine is running. It can produce stunning 640 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. The advantage is that this engine has a set of twin turbo. An ace in the sleeve a? So when you hear the roar of this engine you will now that a Viper is near you. This Viper is making the Hellcat sound and feels like a Corolla. Check it out!


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