Have you ever seen a car that has a turbine big almost as the engine? Well neither have I.

Well in this video, that has been brought to us by the famous YouTube car channel 1320video we can see an amazing build. We introduce to you the first generation of Mazda RX-7 that has being modified to be a small Monster. Since this is a Wankel engine, it only comes with a capacity of 1.3 liters, or 79 CI and the famous 88-mm BIG turbine, the twin-rotor motor delivers around 1,000 HP. This is something never seen before.

So with that said we can just guess how amazing this small Mazda RX-7 is. There is no greater opponent on the track for it, although here is something that surprised everyone. There was one drag race where this small RX-7 manages to beat a Real Life Monster, we are talking about the 1966 Pontiac GTO, one that uses a 632 CI, 10.35-liter V8 engine and a dose of nitrous. The RX-7 was able to beat this beast in a fraction of a second, I bet that the GTO driver didn’t see that coming.

Size doesn’t matter…. Well at least that is what I think, what about you?


2 thoughts on “Mini Monster That Has BIGGER TURBINE THAN ENGINE, ONLY IN MAZDA RX-7!!!

  1. Ed

    OK it is a great article and love the story but since when is an 88mm turbine bigger than 79C.U. engine at 1300cc, if 1CC = 1MM and one C.U. = 16.4 mm? I think your math is messed a bit even just looking at the turbo in the engine bay it has a smaller casing than the Rotary. Also the Rotary used here is a twin rotor not a single.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      You’re right about that Ed. We made the necessary corrections in the article. Thanks for the notice, we appreciate it.

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