UNREAL CRAZY VIDEO – The Mini Ripsaw! An Unmanned Tank Or The Most Kickass ATV EVER Built?!

The American company Howe & Howe Technologies specializes in the development and production of unusual wheeled and tracked vehicles. Among their innovative machines is also the tracked light tank Mini Rip. Externally, the machine resembles a tracked ATV a hybrid of a motorcycle and ATV or a quad tank. Mini Rip received excellent handling characteristics and improved passability, it may climb with a slope of 45°. This tracked ATV Mini Rip can be used not only by individuals for fishing, hunting and other hobbies, but it can also be operated by special military, police and rescue services for special professional tasks and operations.

The tracked ATV Mini Rip is designed for one person who can disperse it to the maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour. It is powered by a Polaris four-stroke engine with capacity of 85 horsepower. The ATV creates an irresistible desire to ride it on dirt, sand, grass, snow, etc., or even playing paintball.

An important and interesting fact is that the power steering, clutch and brakes have absolutely no direct mechanical contact with the driver of the ATV. Technology fly-by-wire – in action! Simply put, all the commands to the actuators of the Mini Rip are transmitted by wire.

To get a more clear idea what this baby can really do we advise you to check out this awesome video below. Get ready to witness something completely unreal!


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