Modernize Your Dirtbike

Dirt bike riders are not only passionate about their bikes, but they also love to upgrade their bikes regularly. Passionate riders always want to take things to the next level. Dirt bike upgrades help the riders to up their cross motor games, ride rigorous trails, and also have fun with friends. The factory model often is not enough for all these adventures. Bike riders thus always look for opportunities to upgrade and modernize their dirt bikes.

Some bikers also look to modernize their old bikes, instead of buying a brand new dirt bike, it is always better to upgrade and modernize the old one. If you are attached to your old bike and want to upgrade it, then here are certain upgrades that you can consider.


User Interaction

When you’re in a car, you think about how the steering wheel feels, how comfortable the seats are, and how nice it looks inside just as much as how well it gets you from A to B. Same thing applies to your dirtbike, so why not improve its looks while updating your feel with a set of ASV levers? Levers can make your ride smoother. Stiff levers convert bike riding into a physically arduous task. It gets tiring if the levers are too tight and jammed. ASV levers can change your bike riding experience into an amazing one.


No Getting Exhausted

Not upgrading the exhaust can leave you physically exhausted. Would you like to ride a bike when you feel exhausted? Upgrading the exhaust will reduce weight on your bike. Shedding some weight would make your bike lighter. This would give you an edge in any race. A good exhaust system upgrades the speed, style, and sound of the dirt bike. Exhaust upgrades can be made under any budget. You can change the whole exhaust system or just change one thing. No matter what you do, after you change the exhaust your bike will appear in a completely new stylish avatar that you would feel proud to possess.


Raising The Bar

Stiff handlebars can slow down your speed. The dirt bikes come with steel bars from the factory that may not fit your requirement. If you want your arms to feel relaxed then the best way is to go for oversized handlebars. They reduce arm fatigue as they have reduced vibration and put less pressure on the arms. Riders realize the amazing impact of oversized handlebars quite quickly. There are different designs of handlebars in the market. There are unbraced bars, bracing bars, fat bars, and twin walls. Handlebars come in different bends with variations in their width, height, sweep, clamp, rise, and control. There are different bars from different styles like woods style, enduro-style, and motocross. You can even adjust the bars depending on your height. If you are a tall person then go for a higher bar. Changing bars is easy and it hardly takes more than half an hour to complete the entire changing process.


Gear It Up

Similar to the suspension, a gear change can upgrade your dirtbike. Changing the gear is a cheap and effective way to change the performance of your bike. If you need fast acceleration then you should opt for a larger rear socket or smaller front sprocket. Similarly, if you need top speed then go for a larger front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket. Changing the front sprocket is a cheaper option. Always remember that changing a new sprocket with old chains is not a wise option. Therefore, before changing the sprockets you should replace the old chain. The size of the chain is also important. You would need a longer chain if there are four teeth in the rear.


Wheels Up

A vehicle wouldn’t be a vehicle without wheels. One thing that makes the vehicle go up and running is the wheels. A wheel can help you speed up and slow down. Everything from a bicycle to an airplane needs a wheel. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your dirtbike then you do need to focus on changing the wheels. Changing wheels can be an expensive affair. New wheels would make your bike look sleek, help it perform better, helps improve the traction, and improves the entire suspension and performance. If you do not want to spend a lot then you can simply change the rims. New rims can help a rider stay on the road for a longer duration as they absorb effort and help the bike stay on track longer.





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