Must Watch!!! Insane Built Jeep Wrangler Smokes the Tires Off in A Tug of War Against A Truck!!!

Underestimating the powered Jeep, we thought that it doesn’t have enough weight to keep itself planted on the road against the heavy truck.  At first we actually thought that it was going to win, since in the first round this Jeep totally kicked the fat ass of the truck.  It does make for an insane smoke screen and big time tire burnout.

Although the driver in the Jeep knew that he wasn’t going to win in the third round, he still put one hell of a show. This scary monstrous Jeep has definitely a ton of power, but is feather light in the ass. 🙂

Furthermore we suggest you see more of this event from the video below. Enjoy watching this high-powered battle and feel free to share with us your opinion!


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