When You Need to Go To the Kia Dealer Service Department?

Kia cars are tough and reliable for your routines but regular service and maintenance at the Kia dealer service department are inevitable. From regular check-up to replacing spare parts, these services ensure your car functions properly and safely. However, not all car owners know precisely when they need to go to the dealer service department just as mentioned below.

Scheduled Services

Every Kia owner should take their car to the Kia dealer service department for scheduled services, especially for cars with ongoing warranty. These kinds of services are designed to ensure the best possible performance of your car based on the average mileage and/or time interval. Missing your scheduled services or replacing Kia parts with OEM parts can make the warranty void. Even if your Kia car is no longer under warranty, scheduled services are important to check whether it requires repairs or part replacements.

It’s very convenient to regularly service your Kia car in the dealership service department as you can book your slot online through their site. You can also seek recommendations from friends for a reliable Kia dealership service.


When you need a repair for your Kia car, a Kia service department is the best place you should. It’s because some Kia-trained mechanics and technicians provide services under the manufacturer’s standards of procedure. Here, you can expect high-quality repair for the car that meets the safety standards.


There would be times where parts are worn down and need replacement. What you need is the genuine spare parts for replacement as they’re precise, high-quality, and more durable. Avoid using OEM or non-original spare parts because they’re typically low quality and compromise safety. Besides, the Kia mechanics at the Kia service department can efficiently install these spare parts as they’re officially trained and have been doing this task for hundreds if not thousands of times.

Courtesy Car

Most Kia dealer service department spots have a courtesy vehicle that you can use when your car is being serviced. This way, car owners can keep their mobility for their routines and pick up their car once it’s already done. It should be noted that courtesy car availability may vary for each dealership and they’re typically subject to the appointment or scheduled service.

Extra Services

You can also obtain extra services from the Kia service department in a dealership. Since they’re strongly affiliated with Kia company, dealerships maintain customer relationships with extra services. Despite courtesy cars, Kia service dept usually has convenient service waiting rooms that may also come with complimentary drinks, internet access, TV, and other entertainment consoles.

Manage Payment

Kia service department is where you should go if you need to manage payment for your repairs or replacement. When you need a more comprehensive service or spare part replacement, your bill could be somewhat out of budget. Make sure to ask payment terms to know exactly what you are getting into. Today dealers with service departments like http://toowongkia.com.au/ offer more flexible and interest-free payment options as the solution.


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