Do I Need a Lawyer After My Car Accident?

The litigation process following a car accident is always tough to keep up with. It all starts with gathering the appropriate information from the scene of the crash, making sure to represent all damages accurately and thoroughly. Then, you have to deal with stubborn, insensitive insurance companies that try to twist your statements regarding the incident. These issues (among all other factors of resolving a car crash) pose significant challenges without a lawyer. For these reasons and more, it is critical to have a complete understanding the degree of importance of needing a car accident lawyer to help your defense claim.

Things to Consider About Your Car Accident

The severity and overall nature of your car accident will play a significant role in whether it is appropriate for you to hire legal help or not. For example, if the vehicle ahead of you started rolling back and gently tapped your bumper before the driver hit the brakes, there may not have been any real damage done. The accident may not have any lasting impacts, and so it will not require any claims or lawsuits.

On the other hand, if a driver rear-ends you because they were driving recklessly or were not respecting traffic laws, you will need legal representation. Not only were they willingly and consciously breaking the law, such accidents typically result in expensive damages and medical bills. Speaking of which, these are more principal factors that would result in the need for a lawyer following your collision.

If you experienced any losses listed below, you would need the assistance of a lawyer to develop a case that succeeds in securing the funds from the defendant:

  • Personal injury (i.e., medical expenses)
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering (this may manifest in emotional or psychological harm)
  • Property damages
  • Wrongful death

These all provide the legal grounds on which you can seek compensation from the negligent party. You should never be expected to pay for consequences that you did not cause. However, you will need to provide documentation that proves liability on the defendant’s behalf. The only way to ensure that this is done right is by hiring a lawyer. Why? Your lawyer will investigate your case, seeing to it that all necessary details are brought to light to demonstrate your innocence vs. the negligent party’s faults.

Additional Reasons that You Need a Lawyer

Even if your accident turns out to be relatively straightforward in terms of the types of damages incurred, there is no guarantee that your insurer will cooperate with the claims process. They may delay your claim for an extended period, seeking to expire the statute of limitations, or reject your entitlement to compensation altogether. For either of these cases, your lawyer will represent you.

Your lawyer will present irrefutable evidence to your insurer that shows, no matter how much they twist your statements, you are not at fault for the crash. Any lowball offers in settlement negotiations will be rejected and pressed for fairness. These things are difficult to accomplish with an experienced legal defense. So, if you have recently become the victim of a car accident, make sure to hire a lawyer for the utmost protection throughout the litigation process.


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