New 2015 Audi A9 – Changes Color and Repairs Itself! RWD POWER BABY!

2015 Audi A9



4 thoughts on “New 2015 Audi A9 – Changes Color and Repairs Itself! RWD POWER BABY!

  1. John

    Were can i get this?

  2. Ryan

    To the person who made this article. You are very wrong.
    First of all, that concept picture is a rendering from a fan not even official…2nd, companies announce concepts YEARS in advance. 2015 cars are already selling right now.. 3rd, it is highly illegal for any car to have windows like that because it makes it so people can’t see inside such as cops (concealed weapons are the threat). You can’t tint your windshield and you certainly won’t be able to sell a car in America or any other 1st world country with a completely opaque windshield. 4th, you said “repairs itself” because you wanted people to look at the article. There’s no such thing. Same thing for the changing color….And FINALLY Audi has NEVER been a rear wheel drive company. EVERY car of theirs has Quattro and that’s like their biggest selling point. Amazing in the snow, faster 0-60 times, safer and faster around the track that rear wheel drive car competitors. Good day sir, I’m glad you have learned now…!

  3. Snorri

    Ryan. Not all Audi has four wheel drive. Only the so called Quattro versions has it and most of them are not.

    1. Mac

      Thanks for the information Snorri.

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