Nissan GTR Akrapovic Has THE BEST EXHAUST SOUND EVER! Combine That With A Liberty Walk Kit And You Get A WILD JAPANESE BEAST!!!

This is no Rocket Bunny kit, this has been made by Akrapovic and this Nissan GTR Akrapovic is giving out sound better than ever. Making the Liberty Walk his own playground it is showing all its power under the hood leaving some rubber on the asphalt. What a great color has been sprayed on the body and the bumper kits that has been installed in the color are cool looking too. The people around don’t know where to look first, at the bumper, the side or the rear spoiler that has been placed. One great build that gets to be remembered by the Akrapovic exhaust system installed, one more plus for the GTR R35.

If there was some other kit on this car for the exhaust system the sound would not be the same at all. The system that is coming from Akrapovic has made this car so much better as in the sound and in the performance too. When you buy a kit from them there is a huge list of improvements that you are going to get and all of them are true, aside from the best sound that will come at the end of the exhaust tip.

Great rims mounted on the GTR too, the inside decal looks great and the racing tires are fit for the asphalt too. Double five spoke aluminum rims is the best way to go with a Nissan GTR R35 and the builder did know that. He used the rims to show off the car better and it worked.

Ecutek had their hands on the car too as we can see their sticker on the bumper. There were many brands that are used for the upgrades done on this GTR R35 but the accent is giving the Akrapovic exhaust that is still best in the world for upgrading.


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