Nissan GTR Ams ALPHA 12+ VS. LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO UR TT + The Local Police Joins The Fun Lol!!!

Street racing videos are one of the best things to watch on YouTube, at least for me. I know that some of you have the opportunity to watch street races live on your local streets but once you are hooked on them, there is no such thing as enough. So at the end of the day we all sit in front of our PC, get on YouTube and search for interesting Street Race Videos.

Well here is a video that I stumbled upon while lurking through some videos on YouTube. It is a Russian Street Racing video that will make you just want to watch more and more videos of street racing. The main attraction in this video is a Nissan GTR AMS Alpha 12+ and a Lamborghini Gallardo UR TT. But mainly in the video we can see many sports cars like Porsche or Corvette. I’m not going to tell you guys which of this two cars will be the winner in this race but I invite you to play the video and see who will conquer who, as they have a few interesting races between each other.



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