Nissan GTR Vs Ferrari 458 Speciale Vs McLaren 650S: THREE SUPREMO SUPERCARS And One Quarter-Mile Drag Strip!!! IT’S SO EXCITING!

It is the ultimate drag race between the Nissan GTR vs Ferrari 458 and the McLaren 650S. is there any other car that is needed to attend this historic race? We don’t think so, they are the great race cars that have been in the drag racing world for a long time now and the test between them has come too. The Nissan GTR is the drag race car that has come a long time ago and it still is the best one on the field. It is so because all the car parts manufacturers are making parts for these GTRs like forever now and there are all kinds of them. You could go out and buy a bunch of customized parts for the engine for a really low price because the market is overflowed with them.

And what about the race between the Nissan GTR vs Ferrari 458 Speciale? The Ferrari cars are the ones that come out of the factory ready to race and they come at a high price as well. You cannot do much more after you purchase the Ferrari from the shop. The best upgrade to do on it is the exhaust system and the rims, nothing else on the engine will consume money. That’s why they are so expensive and so fast too, they got all the race parts already installed on them, like the large turbo chargers and the Brembo brakes on them too.

The McLaren 650S is the car that is going to steer the mud on this race. It is the underdog that is trying to win and maybe if the driver gets lucky or if he is ahead with its experience he might win. For us is important the race Nissan GTR vs Ferrari 458 Speciale and the McLaren 650S watching on the side too.


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