NITROUS Volvo V40 With 588 Cubic Inch BIG BLOCK Chevy SHOWS HOW IT’S DONE In The Crazy Street Race Series Held In Sweden – Birka Cup!

Racing with the Volvo V40 is not big kind of a deal but if the car is featuring the Big block Chevy under the hood it is whole another story. To top that there is a Nitrous system installed on the car to boost the performance and give it a push when it needs it the most. Now we are talking speed and the nitrous just launched the Volvo V40 into outer space.

Having that kind of insurance in the trunk of the car will make the driver more confident and it will give him leverage over the other racers today. He knows that when the big block Chevy runs out of HP and the needle as at the MAX pointer on the RPM meter there will be two tanks waiting with the Nitrous sign on the them.

Even the burnout that is done with the swapped big block Chevy under the hood of this Volvo is so amazing, there is smoke coming out of the exhaust that will make all the others nervous on the track during this event called the Birka Cup. They know what they are dealing with and they are just waiting for the judgment hour. There is no mercy from a big block and that was shown once again here on this race.

The driver got his LED strips turned on the front bumper and the headlights off which makes this Volvo V40 even angrier now. Like from a Need for Speed game this Volvo will beat them all and go home proud. The people that are holding the car while doing the warming of the tires burnout wish they could give it a spin too, but the driver was selfish and he is the only one who drove this nitrous sucking big block beast of a car winning them races.


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