NOT SO SUCCESSFUL Truck Crash Test For Volvo: The Cabin Of This Volvo CH230 Got TOTALLY DESTROYED!!!

After watching this truck crash test you will think about the safety once more. Maybe driving a truck seems like the easiest job to be done but it doesn’t seem that way in the video. There is the crash test that has been done together with the load on the truck as well. What happens here is just another eye opener for the truck drivers in the world.

There are a lot of people that are filming the whole event but the slow motion camera that we got is the best view to see. There is the load on the trailer of the truck that imitates what you would be carrying back there and the truck crash test has been simulated as well. One obstacle is standing still while the truck with the load approaches with high speed. This is where the interesting and horrifying thing happens. When the Volvo CH230 truck hit the obstacle the whole cabin of the truck gets smashed like a pancake and there is nothing left to see after the crash. Only the strapped load is untouched but the whole head of the truck is wiped away. That’s why we are saying that the trucks are not safe for driving and even if it has the air bag opened there wouldn’t be a thing to do in this kind of crash.

We are saying that this truck crash test is not successful because the driver wouldn’t be alive after it. We can clearly see that the cabin is destroyed and if there was a driver inside the paramedics would find only the smashed tissue of the person. God forbid this kind of crash happening on the road. For all the drivers out there, open your eyes and don’t keep the speed above the limit clearly stated on the road signs.


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