Once Again Curb Takes The Win OVER THIS DRIFTING NISSAN 240SX!.Something That Everyone Wanted To DO!

How many times have you been tempted to pull into a turn at full speed and simply slide in with a drift without losing much speed?

This daredevil actually took to it except to his surprise there was one thing he didn’t see coming – losing the front suspension of his Nissan 240SX. As the driver hits the curb you can see the front right wheel turning inward and then he doesn’t even get out to check the damage. Instead, he continues to drive without a front coil and a wheel. The problem initially was the fact that he was waiting too long to make the turn considering the speed he was going at and he didn’t use the handbrake to start the drift but rather wanted to initiate it through a slide. This is why if you’re going to do something crazy make sure you have the skills behind the courage otherwise you are going to simply end up in a mess. And at least try to look after that mess if you’re like this guy. Overall it’s funny to watch considering nobody got hurt except for his ego when he finds out what the drift earlier has led to.

Hopefully he learns the lesson.


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