An LS1 In A S2K? SURE, WHY NOT? One Of The Craziest Cars Ever Driven-An LS Honda S2000 That Was ONE HELL OF A RIDE!!!

We have seen too many engine swaps, and in every one of them there is a really good reason why they did it. The mechanics in the garage are always thinking about how to make the car better for the driver, and how to make it faster.

Sometimes the engine that comes with the car is at the peak of its performance, and it cannot give any more power. That’s why here the 4 cylinder inline engine, which was supposed to power this Honda S2000 to the end of its life, was swapped with another, LS1 engine.

The stock engine was a 4 cylinder inline and it has maximum of 237 HP. This is large amount of power for the car, but clearly it was not enough for the driver at all. He and the mechanics were thinking about doubling the power of the car, and they managed to do it with an engine swap.

Now the new engine has double the cylinders that the old one has, and the power also is doubled. Now after the engine swap, the car has total of 400 horsepower to the wheels, which is almost double that it was supposed to have.


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