PERSISTENT AND TOUGH 1978 Ford Pickup Truck: Watch Me Climbing A Wall Baby!

Literally, this lifted 1978 Ford truck is climbing walls like Tarzan, thanks to the 12-inch lifted suspension and 42-inch IROK tires. Also the owner built the drive shafts, the bumpers, the sliders etc. Each part of the suspension is custom handmade, fact which adds even more impression of what this beautiful beast is performing out there.

This monstrous lifted Ford truck isn’t supposed to do what he’s doing out there but thanks to the owner we can enjoy this beast climbing walls. We can say here he is a brave man and he is not giving a damn if he breaks something, he made this truck for adventure and it is obvious that he is pushing it to the limits.

Also in the description of the video this YouTube user with one of the most unusual user names “We don’t claim to be bad, but the bad doesn’t mess with us!” adds that his act is not copyrighted but for exchange he wants to see the videos of those who will try to copy him, how generous!

Play the video bellow and see the 1978 Ford truck climbing walls on the parking lot at Arab High School.

You will see how with ease and without any additional effort he smoothly climbed and surpassed the wall.


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