Peugeot 308 or Peugeot 508: Which Is the Better Car to Buy?

In terms of reliability, technology, comfort, convenience, and value for money, Peugeot is a good brand to consider when buying your next vehicle. As one of the oldest French car manufacturers, Peugeot is now one of the largest automotive companies in the world, with a number of their vehicles becoming a favorite among fans of small and mid-size cars.

Now, two of the best Peugeot car models that you can consider buying for your next vehicle are the Peugeot 508 sedan and the Peugeot 308 hatch for sale at authorized dealerships. Wondering which one would suit your needs? Let’s make a comparison.

What You Get from Buying a Peugeot 308

  • Fuel efficiency – The 308 only consumes about 4.6 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. This means that it is more economical to drive and produces lower emissions.
  • More torque – This vehicle produces 300 Newton meters (Nm) at 1,750 revolutions per minute (rpm). This means that you can accelerate faster if you need to.
  • Shorter wheelbase – A car that has a short wheelbase is easier to maneuver and has a better driving range than vehicles with a longer wheelbase, like the sedan Peugeot 508 for sale today.
  • Lighter weight – This factor affects the fuel efficiency and the acceleration dynamics of the vehicle. Also, it makes a huge difference in the braking distance, thus safety.
  • More boot capacity – This is an advantage for those who need to carry a lot of stuff in their vehicles. With the Peugeot 308 hatch for sale today, you don’t need to lower its rear seats to fit in your luggage.

What You Get from Buying a Peugeot 508 


    • More power – Depending on the model you get, the 508 can provide you with 120 to 170 horsepower (hp) that will let you accelerate fast and reach top speeds in no time when you need to.
    • More engine capacity – The Peugeot 508 for sale today has more engine capacity than smaller vehicles—1,560 to 1.598 at that. This means the motor experiences lower wear and tear, thus longer vehicle lifespan.
    • Distinctive design – The 508 comes with a more assertive, contemporary design that makes it stand out from its competitors. It carries the brand’s signature full LED lighting that gives it a more expressive appearance.
    • Driving performance – The brand lives up to expectations when it comes to the driving experience with this car.


  • Modern technology – The features in the 508, like the onboard amenities, display system, cameras, and blind-spot detection system, are created with attention to detail to ensure enhanced comfort while driving.



So, is it the sedan Peugeot 508 for sale or the Peugeot 308 hatch for sale at the dealership? Basically, your choice boils down to your driving needs and the performance you are looking for.

You should look into all their characteristics, features, and capabilities and cross-check them if they satisfy your requirements. Generally speaking, you would go for the smaller 308 if you are looking for easy driving, without sacrificing all the conveniences you need in a modern vehicle. If you have more people to ride with you often, on the other hand, it would be good to choose the larger option, which is the 508.

Regardless of which model you buy, you still enjoy all the good things that Peugeot puts into their vehicles, from power to convenience.

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