PRO MUSCLE OR PRO STREET? Neither One, As This ’69 Camaro Is Something Completely Different!!!

Do you ever wonder what a “pro daily” car looks like? The team over at big muscle has not only coined this term but has shown us a prime example of what that looks like.

It’s a mix between a pro touring and a pro street car and is meant to feel comfortable to drive in regardless of the setting. This is a 1969 Camaro which is packing a 383 Stroker engine instead of the LS motor. It also has a carburetor on top of the motor with about 500 hp. This preserves the original old school sound to the car and it doesn’t make it stack with the typically customized Camaro. This Camaro has an air suspension which makes street driving extremely comfortable. So the main purpose of this car is to offer a pleasurable drive. This makes the car offer extreme durability without sacrificing comfort at the expense of power. The design of the car compliments its power and both combined deliver a package which in 10 or 20 years time will still be worth looking at.

So to those thinking that power and comfort cannot be combined, this 1969 Camaro begs to differ.


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