This has become an age where you can truly expect everything, you should never judge a book by its cover and the same thing goes with the cars these days. Some car owners go beyond normal lengths to make a sleeper car, who on the first look, looks like a normal car who barely goes with 130mph but when you expect the least that is the moment when you get browned.

And that is what happened to this poor Ferrari owner, who thought that there is no way he can get beaten by a normal car in a street race. So in the video we can see a Jeep  CJ-7 who looks normal as you expect but what is hiding inside is mind blowing, this jeep is powered by 572 cubic inches of big block muscle + Nitros. And the Ferrari Testarossa is a really powerful car as well but he didn’t even stand a chance against this beast. So we can just see them seating at a stop light for a few seconds and waiting for the green light. And then the race started so right away we can see how the Jeep is pulling away from the Ferrari and going straight like a bullet, after a few miles we can see that the Jeep made a great distance from the Ferrari.

So next time when you are in you $100.000 car don’t be surprised if u get beaten by some “everyday” car. But as always, be careful with speeding so you don’t pay for a ticket.


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