RC Boat VS. RC Car GO INTO A BATTLE: Gas Powered Boat Up Against A Brushless Traxxas E-Revo In A CRAZY TUG OF WAR!!!

We see that a remote control car can beat this RC boat in a RC Tug of War. It is strange how the car won because it weights more and there is this fact that water has more traction than the ground. Was it just luck? Was it the driver? We can not know for sure, but one thing is obvious: the boat lost. You can expect that you will be surprised at the end of the video, and by its results. The father lost to his own son.

Well, the first round did not start good for the RC boat. It was a pure failure. The boat turned around in the water. In the second and third round everything was good, but the Traxxas E–Revo was clearly stronger and more powerful. They also announce another video of battling each other with the same device, so it would not be the device that wins, but the driver.

No matter what the results are we think that the boat looks a lot more cooler than the truck. However that is just our opinion. We leave you to enjoy this video and share your thoughts with us.


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