RC ANYTHING IS AWESOME!!! RC Traxxas Speed Boat & 2WD Traxxas Brushless Truck HAVING SOME FUN IN THE WATER!

RC boats are making a huge wave now, and more and more people are starting to have this kind of hobby and entertainment.

The RC boats are much cheaper than the original versions, and you can have almost the same fun as with the real one, except that you cannot get on board with the RC. That’s why we can enjoy watching these boats from the shore, where it is dry and safe.

On the start of the video we can see a scene for the RC fanatics, there is a RC truck that is hooking up the trailer with the boat loaded on it. This is a great start for the RC video, and we all like it. After the trailer is attached to the truck, the controller takes the truck and the boat to the small lake, to unload it there.

Quite good controlling skills shown there, with great precision the boat is unloaded in the lake, with the rear wheels of the truck inside the water. Then the truck leaves the spot, with the job well done and with the boat in the lake, ready to be cruised around and given test runs.


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