RECORD HOLDING Volkswagen Golf GTI Goes Into Obliteration! Damn The Engine SPLIT INTO 2 CHUNKS!

The Volkswagen Golf GTI with 900 hp from just 1.8 liters which has the record for a front wheel drive is finally relented. Or at least it will not able to beat the whole event and what you see in the video below is what is left of its guts.

The truth is that cars which have been prepared in order to break world records are being pushed to their very limits and it makes sense at some point that sooner or later they would burst… As that is what happened in this case with the Volkswagen Golf GTI which holds the record for a street legal front-wheel drive model, as it delivers 900 horsepower and passes the quarter mile run in less than 9.0 seconds.

With 900 hp to 1.8 liters of displacement like that, a tuned FWD Volkswagen Golf GTI like this is one of the cars that are starting to become a serious threat to rotary engines in terms of horsepower! Having high hopes at the start of the event, this particular tuned Volkswagen Golf GTI was TEARING down the dragstrip at Maryland International Raceway with the serious intention to go rounds and compete in the Import Vs Domestic’s True Street Class.

But during the recent fight that took place at the Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, Maryland the last attempt of the Volkswagen Golf GTI did not stand and the car broke with the unfortunate engine splitting in two pieces.

We always hate the sight of racers hard earned money go into obliteration, but in this particular case, at least the last pass of the engine was something the owner can brag about!

We wish Mike Pauciullo, the owner of the car the best of tuners luck…and to come back with even more possible project for a new record.

Check out the following video to see what remained of the record holding Volkswagen Golf GTI.


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