Remember The Vast Sinkhole In Fukuoka City?! WELL, IT’S GONE! See How The Express Japanese Fixed It IN TWO DAYS!!!

A stretch of road in the center of Fukuoka, one of the largest cities in Japan, is now back open for traffic – the industrious Japanese in just a few days managed to close the huge sinkhole 30m wide and 15 meters deep, which had swallowed the intersection a few days ago. The opening was delayed for several days due to testing of security measures, and today the traffic is normalized. Typical of Japan, the workers worked without stopping, and closed the enormous deficit in just a few days.

The mayor of Fukuoka Siokiro Takashima says that now this part of the road is 30 times stronger than before and a team of professionals is still working on determining the reasons for opening the hole.

The hole was wide 30 long 27 deep and 15 meters. Cause of the sinkhole is probably the excavation of the metro station nearby. There were no casualties or injuries in the accident, while the failure of the asphalt has caused damage to the installations of gas, water and electricity.

In an express time limit the workers have filled the hole with 6,200 cubic meters of sand and cement, just as quickly did they repaired the consequences of the disaster that has happened in Japan after the earthquake in March 2011.

But the problem is not just in the hole. The entire communicative and power grid was disconnected, so the companies in the area were forced to close their businesses, thankfully, for a short period of time.

The Japanese workers worked indefatigably to close the hole which was large as a half Olympic swimming pool. Typical of the Japanese, a sincere apology was published immediately after the termination of operation of the intersection.

For illustration purposes, a similar hole in Manchester was being repaired in the course of 10 months, and in Japan it was repaired in just 2 days.

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