Are You At Risk Of Writing Off Your Vehicle?

384,000 vehicles were written off on Britain’s roads last year. Most alarmingly, 44% of youngsters who wrote their car off, did so just metres from their own home. Regardless of how hard the nation’s drivers work to stay safe on roads, more than 1,000 vehicles are being written off every single day due to their vehicles being beyond economical repair. So, just how much damage must your pride and joy sustain before it’s sent to the scrap yard?

What deems a car as ‘unrepairable’?

When your vehicle has sustained damage as a result of a road traffic accident, your insurer will arrange for your vehicle to be assessed by a qualified engineer. Should he or she deem the repair costs to total 50% or more of your car’s value, it will be classed as a write-off and a settlement figure will be offered. Your vehicle will be classed as one of four write off categories -- A, B, N or S. If your vehicle falls under category A it means it’s suffered extensive damage and all parts of the vehicle must be destroyed.

Most at risk

According to Churchill Insurance, one in every 83 drivers has their vehicle written off every year. The male population are more likely to leave their vehicle in an unrepairable state following a road traffic accident with 57% of total losses being owned by men. Accident Exchange have revealed that new cars are more likely to be involved in accidents, with most RTA’s taking place just 57 days after a vehicle is registered in the new owner’s name. Thankfully, the average cost of accident repairs is £2,050, so the probability of a new vehicle being written off is minimal.

Bag a bargain 

Accident Exchange report that more than one in every 10 collisions result in a vehicle being written off, costing insurers $2 billion each year. However, the sheer number of write offs the country produces each year is good news for those looking to bag a bargain after losing their vehicle. Category C and D cars have now been replaced by S and N, but there are still thousands of these vehicles available to purchase. So, when you receive the news that your car has been deemed a total loss and you need to get your hands on a new set of wheels cheaply, you can secure as much as a 50% discount off the standard second hand sale price.

With hundreds of thousands of vehicles being written off each year, it’s essential you take precautions when on the road. To lower your chances of losing your vehicle, take extra care when driving close to home and if you’re buying new, opt for a higher value vehicle to ensure it’s economical to repair in the event of accident. The good news for those who are seeking a second hand car is that the country’s high write off prevalence means that former write offs are plentiful and can be picked up cheaply.


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