How to Save Money Renting a Car

Renting a car is not as easy as it seems; those counters are occupied by experts, who can read your mind. They are ready to sell you what you didn’t think you needed on the least. You have to be sharp or your pockets will be pulled empty before you know, only later to be regretted. So, I’m giving you a few words of advice to manage haphazard car renting.

Book rental car before you get there

Lots of people have to be somewhere every day. While clever folks pre-order their air-tickets, why do they forget they’d also need exotic cars for rent? It is wise to be proactive; pre-booking can save you a great deal of time and worry. So, next time you set off to meet your loved ones on a distant trip, remember that your destination may be far from the airport.


Stay away from the airports

Travel and occasions happen to be relative terms. Seasonal events prove the worst driving through the traffic. In one of those days, car rentals located near airports take advantage of the crowd, raising the rates. They are there for your convenience, but for the money You Pay. Take the convenience or take a few steps.


Don’t be mesmerized

Rental Agents do that. Don’t fall for the beautiful girls or exaggeratingly cute & polite boys to warm up your heart -- all just to get to your pockets with extra offers. Apart from jolly tricks, rental counters take benefit of the long queue, which is constantly hammering your head. They make it look as you need to hurry up and in that hurry, you might miss a few key points. So, take your time, no need to rush, listen to the details with an active mind, and decide accordingly.


Take only offers you need

When you go to take exotic cars for rent, they could ask you if you like a GPS navigation system, a satellite radio or a complete entertainment system with an R-Link, blah blah blah. The key point here is that when ‘they’ say it, they make it sound like it will make little difference to the total expenses. For instance, “would you favor Auto Toll Collection for another $5 to save your time?” Be smart! You’re not in the mood for music, just request them to tell you where to sign. If the situation is otherwise, try to improvise. An average smartphone comes with a built-in GPS and navigation, and it is your best music station, as well. If you are wise, you’ll learn to get the most out of what you already have.


Know the basics of car insurance

This is predominantly the most sold package, which wrinkles the brows of an average customer. That’s understandable, no one likes taking risks, but if you already have some information on insurance policies you may be able to slip your neck out of this. Car rental agents will try to sell you what is called ‘Collision Damage Waiver‘, which offers protection from car theft, vandalism, or another kind of damage that can amount up to an extra $10 to $30 per day. If you are a car owner, your personal insurance policy may also cover insurance of rented cars, but refer to your insurer for confirmation. If you’re using a credit card as a payment method, you’re probably covering cases of car damage or theft. Credits card companies like Visa, MasterCard, Discover Financial Services, and American Express do offer some form of rental car insurance.


Refill the Tank yourself

Rental car agents will probably offer you to pre-charge fuel refill, as most companies require compensation for fuel usage. It can save you time when you return the car, but I will recommend you opt-out of this option. If you are not in a hurry, you could use the cash in hand.


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