How to Set Your Dealership Apart in a Subtle Way

When you have a dealership, your ability to keep up your name recognition is gold to you. In fact, it just might be platinum, because it’s a limited quantity you might find yourself running low on at a moment’s notice if you aren’t extremely careful. For many people, the very notion of a good nameplate is one where everyone knows where you got it, but they aren’t sure how they know this information.

Nameplates are a vital part of keeping your name recognition going, aside from things like radio ads, signage, and the other things that everybody has to do to stay relevant. Being relevant is a lot like eating – if it stops happening for a while, you get very skinny and weak. If it happens for too long, your business will die of starvation. The good news is there are different ways to stay relevant.


How long has it been since your dealership ran some kind of contest? If it has been a while, you might want to consider the possibility of offering a give-away. In some cases, it might be a very nice car, just for getting the person’s information. You’ll give away a car, which is deductible as a business expense, but you’ll have an entire suite of people’s information wanting a car. If some of them end up buying, you’ll break even on your contest. If a dozen of them buy twice, this could be called a long-term success.

If you want something a bit cheaper and easier to do, you could offer lifetime oil changes or something. This works with the rule of reciprocity, and provides you with a lot of warm fuzzy feelings in people’s minds. When you’re the company that provides both great customer service and even a lifetime of free awesome service, that’s something truly special that may only cost a couple of thousand dollars over decades, but that will pretty much secure you a few lifelong customers.

Marking the Vehicles Themselves

Naturally, a wrap-around sign on the vehicle isn’t nearly subtle enough. But then, there are different ways to mark that the person got their vehicle from you and no one else. For starters, Car Dealer Decals come in all different kinds and several different kinds of materials. You can learn more about car dealer decals here.

At their base, they are a little more than a plastic decal that can be attached easily enough. Moving up a little bit, there are plastic and polyurethane-coated nameplates that look pretty nice. However, when you really want to make a statement, aluminum nameplates express that you really mean business. While many dealerships do this with cars and some do them with trucks, not everyone knows that there are even motorcycle nameplates. No matter what kind of vehicle you sell, you can show the world where they got it, and stay relevant.


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