Show Off Harley Leads To An Unexpected Crash At A Race Event!!!!

He revs up the engine. His race built Harley is on point. The back tire is burning out. He speeds off into the distance. And he falls in the water.

I mean it’s nice to be the proud owner of such a powerful motorcycle but if you have no handling over it, you don’t really appear as the one who owns it. There was a nice start in this conquest for speed but the end result didn’t live up to the expectations as the driver had anticipated. Think about that when you go for speed at a road clearly not ready to handle it. Thankfully the driver goes unharmed but it’s definitely an interesting sight watching the bike being pulled out of the water. I wonder what the biker’s reaction was when he was watching his Harley race bike drown. It’s hard to be proud in those moments. Or maybe he was, since after all, those 20 seconds of speed and glory might’ve been enough to keep him cheerful through the end.

On a second thought we don’t think so. Be careful, because showing off is a sword with two edges if not handled right.


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