SIN or ULTIMATE CHALLENGER? Watch Out For The WILDEST RIMS At The 2014 Florida Classic!

Yeah baby, watch out, we are hell of a gangsta team, we getting around and have fun with our 26/27/30 inch rims (or even more)… And the story goes on.

We have the feeling that the favorite pimped cars are Infinity SUV’s and Cadillacs with massive and powerful stereo systems inside! But what about the rims, maybe they are too big, and heighten the car from the ground, but the tick rubber layer that wraps the steel just look elegant and scary. Just notice the chromed one, the architecture of them, real art. YouTube user Ace Whips was there to shoot it all.

Or maybe you like more the one with painted details? Which one you going to choose you won’t make a mistake, they all look awesome. But we had few questions to ask you, yeah, maybe the look is good but what about the steering of the vehicle the suspension, do you think that these rims can cause any difficulties?

Tell us what you think in the comments we would love to hear your opinion. Now watch the video and notice how the people are turning their heads when one of these pimp cars with enormous rims is passing by them. At least if you decide to lift your car with those rims you will be noticeable.


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