Sony Vision S Review: Get Complete Information About This Car

CES 2020 was really amazing, a lot of new products, a lot of innovations and lots of fun. Different companies came to showcase their interesting products and it was cool to know about these products and their functionalities. The most surprising product we can say at this event was the Sony Vision S car.

A car from Sony, surprising isn’t it? But yes, it is true. Sony unveiled an electric concept car at the CES 2020 and it was worth checking out. This car showcased the company’s many different strengths which include camera sensors, LED screens, entertainment products and much more.

This article will take you deeper into the complete detail of this car so keep reading it till the end and know everything about it, I will provide you the complete Sony vision S review so just stick to the track.

What is Special About this Car?

The most special part of this car is that it comes from Sony which belongs to a different industry, the electronics, and the entertainment industry.

You will be surprised to know that the car features different sensors both inside and outside of the car and the number of these sensors is around 33.

There are multiple widescreen displays in the car which sets out to be a full entertainment car allowing you to watch whatever you want to with the complete theatrical experience. There are screens for the back passengers too.

The sound system of the car is great and will make you fall in love with it. The car hosts a “newly-designed EV platform” which is manufactured by Magna, the Canadian mobility technology company.

The outer part of the car gives a look like Porsche. It resembles Porsche cars in a number of ways, mainly the headlights.


When the Car be Made Available for Purchase?

Not any time soon. Sony says that there are no plans to mass-produce this car as of now so you won’t see it in the market any time soon.

It is a car that exists between a concept and a prototype as of now. Sony has the concept of involving such entertainment-filled experience in every car and for prototype, the car actually functions like other normal cars.


Some More Detail About the Entertainment Zones…

The screens in the middle and front of the passenger seat are touch-enabled and the driver and passenger can access the media controls directly from there. There is also a soundbar that can be turned left or right to increase or decrease the volume. There is a tab for vehicle settings here. We can expect Sony-owned movies and music will be available for free in this car!

The touch of these panels was very interactive, swift and quick. One can easily access these panels smoothly with our fingers. Also, the animations of these screens are great. There was a cross-connection between these screens means the content can be transferred from one screen to another with some quick touchscreen gestures.

There is a separate trackpad for accessing the menus and to do multitouch gestures. Various controls related to the vehicle, infotainment settings, and climate control settings can be accessed from here. There are high-quality sound equipment fitted in the car to derive excellent experience.


One another use-case of this car will be the advanced driver assistance which can be fulfilled with Sony’s excellent camera sensors. This will help to enhance the driving experience for sure.

There are numerous sensors fitted in the car currently such as Sony’s image sensors, radars, ultrasonics and more which proves that this car will be a benchmark for various cars in the future for sure.

The car was announced at the end of the CES press conference where Sony spent hardly 2 minutes unveiling the car so a clear picture of this car is not yet presented to us. We don’t know currently what are the plans of the company for this car, will it be a reference car or will it be something else, we don’t know the answer yet… but hope Sony will come out with complete detail soon.


Final words…

This we can say that it was the first experience for the company in the automotive industry and it went really well. We can expect improvements to this car and a real working model launched for the public in the future.

Sony having a good grasp of modern technology will keep combining the digital power with the automotive one and will bring innovative experiences to us for sure.

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