SPECTACULAR HIJACKING Of Four Handsome And Brand New BMW Cars In St. Petersburg Dealership IN JUST 100 SECONDS! CAUGHT ON SECURITY CAMERA!!!

The security cameras in this BMW showroom in St. Petersburg showed a spectacular and unbelievable robbery. In only 100 seconds, these thieves stole four valuable new BMW cars worth a total of 310,000 dollars! The robbers seized BMW X6, BMW 7, BMW X5 and a Gran Turismo model from the auto salon. They entered the parking hall, and took them without anyone noticing the whole situation. It is assumed that these people previously stole the keys to the salon.

The footage from the security cameras shows how these four men approach the cars at the same time and open them, and then go to the dealership parking lot.

On the recording can be seen as these car thieves go to the parking lot, then freely open the door of each car using a key and sit inside them. After a few seconds all of the four new BMW cars left the dealership parking at the same time.  The message about the theft of these brand new cars from the showroom on the Savushkina street was received by the police in the Primorsky district on Thursday night.

According to the Russian television LIFE78 two X5 and X6 crossover were lost, and seventh and fifth series sedans – designed for test drives. The cars left the foreign car dealership and headed toward the subway station “Black River”. A distinctive feature of all the cars is a label “100 Years of the BMW”. In connection with the hijacking was entered a plan “Interception”. In a garage in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg was found one of the four cars BMW, which was stolen from a car dealership in the Seaside area. According to LIFE, the police of St. Petersburg received a report from a security company about the found BMW X5, located in the hijacking. The front windows of the car were down and the gearbox was dismantled. In addition, the car had the license plate designated for it back in the showroom. The St. Petersburg police are still searching for the thieves and the other stolen cars.

Watch this amazing video below to see the whole action of these crafty thieves:


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