Stock Vs Modified; CBR 1000 RR Vs Supra – Great Drag Battle Between Two Famous Japanese Manufacturers

There is always a room for debate on the subject of bikes versus sports cars, especially when the focus is on such a great and many times proven manufacturers like Honda and Toyota. So far, most of the drag challenges that I have seen between super-bikes and sports or muscle cars have ended with bikes crossing the finish line first, but that does not necessary have to mean that there are no exceptions.

Thus, we have prepared this cool video in which you will see another drag battle on the open road between these awesome stock made Hondas CBR 1000 RR and another one modified CBR 1000 RR, and also highly modified and tuned Toyota Supra, with an engine that generates 870 HP – a real monster of a drag car.

However, as you all know too well, numbers alone does not guarantee you a victory for sure. One has to work hard to beat those other two monsters on two wheels. It is a really great race and I think you will enjoy watching it.


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