STREET CAR DRIFT RACING With A Nasty Toyota Supra! REALLY EPIC Street Car Drift, Almost Like Gymkhana!

Maybe the streets aren’t the best place to drift, but this street car drift racing is the best thing to see this week. That’s why we will show this video, just to see how the people are doing the street drift. Not to learn from it, just to see what are the key points of the street drift and what it takes to make it epic like this dude did. Keep in mind that the drifting is not allowed on any street and if you get caught there will be some serious consequences to deal with. That’s why it is good to keep the drifting in a closed parking lot where there are no other cars to damage and no police to worry about.

Why do we say that this street car drift racing is so epic? It is so because this is a professional made video where the focus is on the Toyota Supra in the middle of the screen. It has been totally upgraded and now it features all the race parts that it needs in order to run in high RPMs without any worries at all. The driver will be safe to drift those tires out of the rims and the engine will not feel the dent at all. There will be some grinding on the asphalt with the rubber pieces flying away on the side of the street, but the car drift racing that has been done by this driver will be remembered for a long time.

There is a drone as well, just to spice that beautiful footage made from the car drift racing, and that is what we are all about. Seeing great drifting videos that involve a lot of experience and a lot of tire to the table, cheers to the driver and to the new tires as well.


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