StreetOutlaws DRAG RACING MADNESS: This Guy Really Wants To Race! HE’S EVEN READY TO PULL UP A FIGHT!!!

A polite “no” wasn’t enough for this dude, who is trying to challenge on a race other driver. He has already asked Dockens to race, twice maybe, but he refused saying that the track is being used by the community members and it would be unfair if they raced today.

But Chuck is making him sound lame because he is refusing to race him, telling him that Facebook should be the place to decline an offer, and Anthony Dockens said then why you asked me on Facebook? This was a kid’s talk, until Chuck started offending Dockens, and there they go, they suddenly want to beat each other up. You can image what kind of humiliation is when somebody declines your offer to race, saying that today is not the day and that you should ask more politely?

Like they are working in a bank or something. This is street racing and formal talk is no needed, as long no offense is taken. What happens when you piss off a driver from the Street Outlaws? There should be a fight between these two, but as you can see on the video, no punch was thrown, only bad talk coming out.


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